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Aug 11 / Michael

Some sweet Maiden

This courtesy of the mysterious commenter known only as \m/. (He keeps his public profile low due to a flotilla of pending legislation.) Herewith, the cover art for Iron Maiden’s Live After Death:


The quote on the tombstone: “That is not dead which can eternal lie, yet with strange aeons even death may die,” from The Nameless City by H.P. Lovecraft


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  1. Kurtis / Aug 11 2009

    I’ll spot you a virtual (i.e., imaginary) beer if you can, without googling, tell me the name of the character pictured above. He does have a name!

    – K.

  2. Michael / Aug 11 2009

    He does, indeed. I included it in the tags. There are more than trace amounts of metal in my blood!

  3. Kurtis / Aug 11 2009

    Oh, nice. I didn’t notice. His full name is “Eddie the ‘Edd,” BTW.

  4. Kurtis / Aug 11 2009

    Also BTW, “Run to the Hills” is featured in a key scene of Mamba Point.

  5. Michael / Aug 11 2009

    Thank you, that is very Edducational.

    Really? Sweet! I have Metallica’s “One” in Trapped, but that doesn’t have the same old-school cred.

  6. Kurtis / Aug 11 2009

    I’m only getting started. The next book will prominently feature Motorhead. Possibly, if the editor allows it, even Hawkwind.

  7. Michael / Aug 11 2009

    I can see the edit letter now: “Unclear—do you mean woodwind?”

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