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Mar 26 / Michael

Justice is SERVED—by Batman’s butler!

My new graphic novel, Young Alfred: Pain in the Butler, is out now from DC Comics Kids! I am so proud of THIS GORGEOUS BOOK! Feast your eyes on this amazing (somewhat cheeky) cover:

And meet our young hero, fresh from “across the pond” and ready for a grand adventure (and an imminent collision—look out behind you, Alfred)!

The astounding art is by Sam Lotfi, with colors by the colorfully named Kendall Goode. And here’s the official description:

Bruce Wayne wouldn’t be Batman without his righthand man, Alfred Pennyworth. But was Alfred born to be the greatest butler in the world? Not exactly…

When Alfred attends the prestigious Gotham Servants School, he is a clumsy and nervous boy going to fulfill his father’s last wish—he will become… a butler! Pushed out of his comfort zone, Alfred must adjust to new surroundings and responsibilities while trying to ace his courses and get along with his classmates. But when he suspects that his school may be involved in a criminal plot, Alfred must look within himself to see if he has what it takes to be not only a butler, but a hero!

That ought to cover it! But I’ll just add that I’ve always been fascinated by Alfred and the world he creates at “Stately Wayne Manor”. The impeccable manners (at the impeccable manor). The exaggerated sense of order. If supervillains like The Joker represent chaos and disorder, selfishness and lawlessness, Alfred represents the opposite. (Batman—dark and violent, willing to work outside the law—is more like their cousin who’s on our side!)

And that fascination has carried over from childhood to the present. I love novels like The Remains of the Day that focus on a butler’s life—and of course I’ve seen every episode of Downton Abbey at least three times! #TeamCarson

I should probably end this before the pictures get even more embarrassing, but put that all in a pot with a lifelong love of the best of heroes and the worst of puns, page after page of amazing art, and a co-star named Penelope “Penny” Spiffer, and you’ve got a book of which I am a truly proud. I hope you enjoy it!

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