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Jun 30 / Michael

Run, don’t walk, to get Teen Titans Go! Undead?!

So, uh, *laughs nervously* *avoids eye contact* long time no blog, huh? True story: If you go to the bookmarks on my computer, my website is the second one. I used to update it all the time and blog 2-3 times a week(!). Clearly, those days are over. Life got kiiiiinda complicated over the last few years—you may have heard?—and now I am on the Twitters and the Instas and, long story short, it’s been a while. But! I am back from the dead (as it were!) to tell you that… I’m not the only one (AAAAAAAHHHH!).

Gaze upon the glorious cover!

My new graphic novel, TEEN TITANS GO! UNDEAD?!, is out now from DC Comics! If you’ve seen the Cartoon Network show, or if you’ve met me, you know that this is a ridiculous book—and if you’ve done both, you know that this is a *deeply* ridiculous book. Have I made a grave error? Not at all! I began writing this one right at the start of the pandemic, and having something goofy and fun to work on as the ambulances wailed by outside the windows here in NYC was an absolute lifeline. I got to spend a few joyous hours in Jump City every morning, indulging every puns and sight gag that came to mind, and I am really happy with the result: a loving, utterly meta tribute to both these iconic characters and zombie movies past, present, and no doubt future.

The delightful art is by Erich Owen and six world-class guest artists, including the amazing Gustavo Duarte, my partner in art on Dear Justice League and Dear DC Super-Villains.

Here’s the official description:

Jump City is full of strange, shambling creatures muttering about sales and dead-set on brains. The Teen Titans saw a comet fall from the sky and can think of nowhere better to hang out and see what happens than the mall. If their theory is correct and people start turning into zombies, they want to be prepared—and we all know zombies love the mall!

But as the situation grows ever more dire, Robin and his team take to the streets, trying to save the city from the bargain-hungry undead. But those zombies really bite: the cemetery isn’t safe, the H.I.V.E. Five are not alive, and his teammates are about to succumb to shopping fever!
Can Robin keep it together long enough to cancel this apocalypse?

So there you go. Personally, I like his chances, but to find out for sure, you can pick up a copy wherever books or comics are sold! (Personally, I’m a big fan of local bookstores and comic shops, but here’s the official DC page for the book, with all the links plus a nifty *Comic Shop Locator* that would make Cyborg proud—and Beast Boy confused!) Get your copy now. I promise, it won’t bite! (Much!)

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