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Apr 6 / Michael

Dear DC Super-Villains hits defenseless shelves everywhere!

Dear DC Super-Villains is out today! Curious kids write to notorious scoundrels, asking them about life on the dark side! It’s my fourteenth book and my second graphic novel with DC Comics Kids and amazing artist Gustavo Duarte. The origin story for this one is pretty simple. Simple… and evil! Dear Justice League got a lot of ✨accolades✨ and the Legion of Doom got jealous. Villains, am I right? They reached out 👊💥 and told me: “Our turn, buddy!” So I hope you/they enjoy it. Lex Luthor has created a special device to track sales—and I really don’t want to upset Gorilla Grodd 🦍

Dear DC Super-Villains is now available wherever books are nabbed!

This books is STACKED! 😂

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