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Dec 23 / Michael

Dear Justice League makes the cut!

At this time of year, a certain red-suited gentleman is known to make a list and check it twice. Well, Dear Justice League has made a list too. In fact, it’s made several! My first graphic novel has been named:

One of the Today Show’s 26 Best Children’s Books of 2019!

One of Polygon’s 50 Best Comics for Kids!

One of Comicon’s 7 Best Original Graphic Novels of 2019!

A unanimous selection for the Texas Library Association’s Little Maverick graphic novel reading list! Yeehaw!

No need to check this list twice. I’ve already double-checked to make sure it’s not all some sort of Nutcracker-esque dream. (No Rat Kings in sight, thankfully!) Thanks so much to everyone—critic and kid alike—who’s taken the time to read and review and recommend this colorful, earnest little joy ball of a book this year. This fantastic flight wouldn’t have been possible without you. Happy Holidays!


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  1. Gabrielle Fitzgerald / Dec 26 2019

    My son is one of those kids that doesn’t enjoy reading. I bought him this book for Christmas and this morning (Dec. 26th) I found him curled up on the couch reading this book! We are looking forward to a sequel.

  2. Michael / Dec 26 2019

    Thanks, Gabrielle! I am so happy to hear this, and I really appreciate you writing to let me know. It’s like a surprise Christmas present for me! Happy Holidays to you both. Now, it sounds like I’d better get back to work on that sequel! 🙂

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