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Aug 10 / Michael

Up, up, and away for Dear Justice League!

Talk about a warm welcome! Dear Justice League was the #6 graphic novel in comic book shops for the month of July. It came out in comic shops July 31st! 🔥 It came out in bookstores and online six days later, and if anything, that warm welcome has only gotten hotter. Here are just some of the fantastic, kind, and humbling things people have been saying about my first graphic novel with the brilliant Brazilian artist Gustavo Duarte:

“The best kids’ comic I’ve read all year… Charming from cover to cover.”—Polygon

“Heartwarming, hilarious, and endearing to no end.”—AiPT! Comics

“A near-perfect all-ages introduction to the Justice League’s most popular characters.”—GeekDad

“A perfect welcome for young comic fans.”—ScreenRant

“Fun for all ages… An adorable introduction to the members of the Justice League.”—The Geekiary

“A lot of fun… A story I can see fans of all ages enjoying.”—The Good Men Project

“Humorous, action-packed and entertaining from cover to cover.”—Superman Homepage

“Positively delightful from beginning to end, Dear Justice League is a great comic for readers of all ages.”—Batman News

And, well, you get the idea 😃 It has been a heck of a week and a half! I love this book so much. For months, I couldn’t wait for launch day to arrive. The whole time I was hoping that once people saw this colorful, earnest joy-ball of a book, they would love it too. Well, it’s here—and they do! ❤️ More news soon, but for now, thanks so much to everyone who has opened this book’s canary yellow covers and taken flight with its heroes.

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