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Feb 5 / Michael

Super news: I’m writing a graphic novel for DC Comics!

HUGE news! My first graphic novel, DEAR JUSTICE LEAGUE, will be published by DC Comics’ shiny new imprint for young readers, DC ZOOM! In the book, young fans write in to their favorite heroes, who respond with their own humorous and relatable stories of growing up, messing up, and stepping up. Holy guacamole: I get to write Superman! Wonder Woman! Green Lantern! The whole iconic crew!

Promo art for DC Zoom!

Here’s a link to the official announcement of the new imprints in The New York Times! (I’ve been in the paper of record five times now, I believe, and not once for anything criminal! Score!) My favorite part of the article is below—I’ve always wanted to be part of a Who’s Who!

I’ve been working on this project for months already and it hasn’t been easy to maintain this secret identity. I am so glad that I can finally share the news with you!

I grew up as a proud comic book nerd (making regular pilgrimages to a great comics store called My Mother Threw Mine Away in Torrington, CT), and I am still a proud comic book nerd. And now—somehow, unbelievably—I am a professional comic book nerd! The opportunity to write about these legendary characters is an honor and a thrill. And making them fun and accessible for a whole new generation of young readers is a challenge that I happily accept!

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