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Nov 2 / Michael

TombQuest 4 and 5: Got Ya Covered!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I guess they’re right because it would take me at least that many to describe how much I love the covers of TombQuest books 4 and 5. So how about I spare you all the essays and just show you these gorgeous covers?

TombQuest 4: The Stone Warriors (Out Now!)


I think my favorite thing about this cover is how it offers a cool twist on the signature look of the first three books. It’s similar enough to fit right in with the rest of the series, but different enough to be unique and new. There’s a lot of action inside the cover too. Alex and Ren cover a lot of ground in this one, from a mystical jaunt between continents (you can catch a glimpse of their destination on the cover!) to a fateful duel in the desert.

TombQuest 5: The Final Kingdom (March 29, 2016)


This cover is creepy and cool and downright perfect for the series finale. It’s a big, bold look for an epic final book, where Alex and Ren must brave the world of the dead (and its guardian, Anubis!) to save the world of the living. All the questions will be answered and the ultimate battle will be fought!

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