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May 10 / Michael

TombQuest 2—and Worlds Collide, too!


TombQuest 2: Amulet Keepers is here! I am very proud of this one and excited to share it. Alex and Ren are in London this time, and the story began to take shape last February with a week of intense (rainy) research there. I was holed up on Gower Street, in a room not much longer me, with the wind howling outside each night. And each morning I would button all my buttons, don my new flat cap, and head out to fill my boots up with rainwater, my notebook up with history, and my camera up with the astounding sights.

Made a friend at the British Museum.

Made a friend at the British Museum.

From the world-famous Egyptian collection at the British Museum to the glittering crown jewels at the Tower of London to the Victorian grandeur (and gothic creepiness) of Highgate Cemetery, it was an unforgettable experience—and bloody great material! So maybe it’s not a surprise that the writing process for this book was one of the smoothest and most inspired of my life. Was it hard to imagine I was back there, in blustery, brilliant London? It would have been hard not to! The result is now available for your consideration, wherever books are sold. (You can get it right now from your local independent bookstore, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.)

Worlds Collided—and we’ve got the video!
And finally, here’s an amazing video look back at the World Collide convention, which brought authors and fans of Scholastic’s many multiplatform titles together in March. How awesome are these young readers? And who’s the goofy guy in the headdress?

And that’s all for now, TombQuesters. Book 3: Valley of Kings comes out in August!

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