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Mar 1 / Michael

TombQuest is a New York Times Bestseller—and you rule the school!

Holy Nile crocodile, people: TombQuest made the New York Times bestseller list! And it didn’t waste any time, either: Book of the Dead debuted on the List of Lists, securing a perch at lucky number 13 after its first week of release. It spent two more weeks on the Middle Grade list for a grand total of… *gets out calculator* three weeks! It slipped off this week, but here’s hoping it will Rise Again—I mean, come on, everything else in the book does!

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 3.40.44 PM

And where was I when I got the news? On the road of course. The first leg of TourQuest took me coast to Great Lake to coast, from NY/NJ/CT in the east to Chicagoland in the middle to Texas and California out west. Dozens of amazing school visits, thousands of enthusiastic kids, and half a dozen bookstore events: It was epic (and, OK, occasionally exhausting, but let’s concentrate on that epic part)! What’s that, you demand proof? Pictures or it didn’t happen? Fine! I admire your intellectual rigor—and boy howdy do I have pictures. Here are just a handful of them:

The sun rising over Connecticut (somewhere) during an early morning ride to two snowy school visits.

A warm welcome in Texas!

An auditorium of awesomeness at Skyline Elementary in California!

Epic fan mail from the amazing (and artistic) kids in Naperville, IL!

And back home for a room full of friendly (and familiar) faces at Books of Wonder in NYC!

What a tour, what a trip, what a start. I am happy and humbled by the reception Book 1: Book of the Dead has gotten so far and thrilled that all of this momentum is leading to Book 2: Amulet Keepers, a book I straight up love. Thanks to everyone who attended an event, bought a book, read a book, or just didn’t trip me as I stumbled blearily to my next destination. If you ruled any more, you’d be pharaohs.


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  1. donna galanti / Mar 2 2015

    Michael, how fantastic! Just got my copy…but my son is reading first. Congrats!

  2. Michael / Mar 2 2015

    Thanks, Donna! It has been a really exciting launch so far. I hope you both enjoy the book!

  3. Bicultural Mama / Mar 26 2015

    So awesome! What a fun tour…looks like you have some die hard fans!

  4. Michael / Mar 26 2015

    Thanks, Maria! Yes, the tour was amazing—great schools, great kids, great trip! And I’m doing it all again in April/May 😮

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