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Sep 13 / Michael

Recent Wrap-Up: TombsDay is coming + news from Germany (and an elephant w/ a ribbon)!

Wrapped up in my new project...

Wrapped up in my new project…

All right, I haven’t blogged in dog years (again): 2.5 months is bad even for me. But I have a good reason—and HUGE news! Herewith:

1) TOMBSDAY is coming!
I am writing Scholastic’s new multi-platform series, TombQuest! Multi-platform means there will be a video game (I’ve seen an early version and it is Ah. Maze. Ing.) and website—an entire online community! And series, in this case, means there will be five books 😮 Book 1: Book of the Dead comes out February 1, 2015 (TombsDay!), and a new one comes out every 4-5 months after that. Of course, first I have to write them all, back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back! (I’m currently gearing up to start the third.) It has been insane in the membrane—I barely saw the sun this summer. Then again, that is very tombish of me, no?

The cover of Book 1: Isn't it boo-tiful?

The cover of Book 1: Isn’t it boo-tiful?

The series follows Alex Sennefer, whose Egyptologist mom uses the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead to save his life, but in the process releases five powerful evil spirits known as the Death Walkers. But don’t listen to the man dressed as a mummy (good advice, in general), here is a big Publishers Weekly article about it all. Exciting times (and tombs), people!

2) Germany goes to the hunde!
Räudiges Pack
My beloved German publisher, Loewe Verlag, has just released the German edition of Rotten: Räudiges Pack! It is the third of my books they’ve translated into German. Check out this awesome page on their site, featuring all three. Loewe Verlag means lion publisher, and I am incredibly grateful to the big cat of German publishing for giving my American underdog tale a new life.

3) Follow my on Twitter! (Or add me on FB!)
Seriously, lord knows when I’ll blog again! Follow me on Twitter at @mdnorthrop—I follow back! Or add me on Facebook, especially if we’ve actually met, like if we did jail time together or whatevs.

4) And, of course, a baby elephant playing with a ribbon
Do I really need a reason?

See you next time, people! You all rule the school!

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