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Jun 27 / Michael

Alert: SHARKS sighted on E! Online’s Best Summer Reads!


My new thriller Surrounded By Sharks has been out for exactly a month and—what d’ya know?—people are starting to notice! Yesterday, E! Online named it one of their Best Summer Reads. Says E!, “Warning: You might not want to go in after, so save this book for when you’re lounging poolside.” Good point! I would also add lounging couchside, parkside, and bus(in)side to that list.

A week earlier, the ever awesome I Heart Daily named SHARKS one of Three Stellar Beach Reads! “The suspense that builds and builds requires a read in one sitting,” says IHD. “And the finale? So worth it!” Also making the cut, The Prince of Venice Beach by the amazing Blake Nelson, which just underlines what a huge honor it is to see my tense little shark tale on these lists.

And in case you’re wondering if there is anything else rattling around in my square head besides gratitude these days, I did a fun interview with The Harvard Square Edition, talking all about writing, YA fiction, inspiration, oceans, and, of course, sharks.

And that’s all I got! I hope you’re having a great summer. It’s beach weather out there—at least that’s what the sharks tell me!


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  1. Bicultural Mama / Aug 3 2014

    Congratulations, Michael! This is so awesome!

  2. Michael / Aug 4 2014

    Thanks, Maria! Congratulations on your big news *2*!

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