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Feb 24 / Michael

Hardball, soft cover: Plunked hits paperback!

Just a quick note to say that Plunked, the little baseball book that could, comes out in paperback today. I will be celebrating by, uh, not really knowing what to do for a paperback release. This book has already been a fantastic experience, though. In addition to winning a few awards here and there, it has also allowed me to meet and talk to hundreds of amazing young readers and athletes. (“Plunked Day” in Kirkwood, Missouri, is still one of the coolest experiences I’ve had since I began writing.)

Click for a full view!

It’s so byoootiful! Click pic for a full view.

Plunked already got a second life in hardcover when NPR picked it for their Backseat Book Club, so the paperback feels like extra innings at a double header—free baseball! Sometimes I love this game.

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