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Jan 3 / Michael

2014: Year of the Shark!

Prepare to get Surrounded by Sharks this summer—or prepare to read it, anyway! I have a new book coming out, and I am very excited about it. The cover is amazing, and that’s the tooth!


Here’s the official tagline:

Dragged out to sea with nothing but a piece of trash to keep him afloat, Davey is certain things can’t get any worse . . . and then he spots a shark.

That’s right: another trashy novel! (In this case, a discarded water-cooler bottle.)

And here’s the official description (official just means written by people who are better at this sort of thing than I am, by the way):

He couldn’t sleep. That’s how it all started.

When Davey wakes, just as the sun is rising, he can’t wait to slip out of the crammed hotel room he’s sharing with his family. Leave it to his parents and kid brother to waste an entire day of their vacation sleeping in! Davey heads for the beach, book and glasses in hand, not bothering to leave a note. As the sparkling ocean entices him, he decides he will just test the water. Never mind that “No Swimming” sign. But when the waves pull him farther and farther out to sea, Davey finds himself surrounded not only by water, but something else — something circling below the surface.

On a less official note, I’ve always been fascinated by sharks. My favorite movie is Jaws, and my favorite week is Shark Week. My goal with this book was to present sharks realistically—not as human-seeking torpedoes, but as animals intimately adapted to their environment—but to nonetheless put them at the heart of a thrilling and suspenseful story. I did it by stranding a 13-year-old boy in open ocean rather than, say, putting two thousand sharks in a tornado. I am very happy with the result. It comes out at the start of the summer, of course, and I promise it bites in only the best possible way.

Official release date: May 27, 2014.

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