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Jul 28 / Michael

Operation Snow Globe comes up aces! (Operation Worldly Gentlemen underway)


Just popped down to the post and picked up a lovely package from the Royal Mail: The UK edition of Trapped has sold out and gone back to the presses, and the good folks at Atom Books took the time to send me one of the reprints. So very awesome. Meanwhile the German edition, Kälte, continues to chug along. My friends at Loewe Verlag (that means Lion Publisher, by the way) emailed me a passel of press clippings a while back, including nice reviews from both Germany and Austria. The Italian edition—In Trappola!—is also out, and new translations are on the way in Russia, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

While Operation Snow Globe is rolling on, Operation Worldly Gentlemen is off to a somewhat slower start. Schieflage, the German edition of my very dark debut novel, Gentlemen, came out in June. It still doesn’t have a single bad review on, but then, it doesn’t have a single good review, either. Reviews, it has none. Not a great sign, but Germany has a very lively book culture and isn’t as Amazoned up as the U.S., so that matters less over there. And of course, in book sales as in life, Worldly Gentlemen take their time.


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  1. Ryan Field / Oct 3 2013

    Congrats on the European releases! I love all my European readers and those who visit my blog all the time. Also love the UK cover of Trapped.

  2. Michael / Oct 4 2013

    Thanks, Ryan! Yes, definitely. I mean, I love all my readers, but it is pretty amazing to think of someone walking around five or six time zones away, in an entirely different country and culture, and choosing to sit down and read one of your books. My weird stories used to be confined to my head, and now they’ve gone global!

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