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May 15 / Michael

2 New Books: Gentlemen in Germany and Sharks stateside!

No puppy videos today, people: I’ve got bona fide news! I have two new books to announce, one here and one overseas.

1) Hier Kommt Shieflage
My first YA novel, Gentlemen, is heading to Germany, and like most sensible travelers, it will be dressed all in black. It will be published by my very awesome German publisher, Loewe Verlag, on June 17th under the title SCHIEFLAGE. That means imbalance, with an intriguing undertone of damage thrown in, and yeah, that seems about right for my deeply troubling debut.

2) Get Surrounded by Sharks next summer
And next up in good old English (though thankfully not Old English) my latest survival story from Scholastic will surface in Summer ’14. Here’s the official announcement from Publishers Marketplace:

Children’s: Young Adult
TRAPPED author Michael Northrop’s SURROUNDED BY SHARKS, in which a 13-year-old boy finds himself clinging to life—and a discarded water cooler bottle—in the warm waters off Key West, only to realize he is far from alone out there, again to Anamika Bhatnagar at Scholastic, by Sara Crowe at Harvey Klinger (World).

This one was a blast to write. I mean think about it: Most authors only get to write fin once, at the end—and only if they’re French. I got to write it like 45 times. I’m also a huge shark nerd and shameless Shark Week addict. Since this one is sort of a middle grade/YA hybrid, I got to shoehorn quite a bit of interesting shark science into it. I also got to write a book that treats sharks realistically (and not as, say, human-seeking missiles), but still allows them to be utterly terrifying, by taking the main character out of his environment and dropping him in theirs.

Winslow Homer’s The Gulf Stream (1899)

Anyway, exciting times here at Michael Northrop World HQ! And . . .


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