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Feb 26 / Michael

ROTTEN hardcover: cooly drooly


My new book exists! I got a finished hardcover of ROTTEN yesterday, and it is so very beautiful. Not only does it have a soft-embossed finish that gives it a velvety feel, but the colors are also incredibly vibrant. By a little trick of pigment and light, the lower lip and nose of the Rottie on the cover look almost wet. That’s right, people, my book has velvety virtual drool on it! The deep red border is also very striking in person. The last border this arresting? The Berlin Wall. And that thing cost a lot more than $17.99. (Or $11.58, depending.)

Anyway, I’m thrilled with it, and grateful too. The wizards that get most of the attention at Scholastic are the ones at Hogwarts, but let’s not sleep on the ones who actually make these beautiful books.

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