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Feb 20 / Michael

3 things: JLG, Czechs ’n me, guest bloggery

I’ve got your three things for you right here! Grrr!

It occurred to me this morning that I hadn’t blogged since that time I sort of dressed up as a dog, so I was like: I’m going to blog, and this time I’m not going to wear brown socks as ears. Plus, I have news:

1) Rotten is a Junior Library Guild selection!
JLGpegI found out last week that my new book is a Junior Library Guild selection for spring 2013. This is the second go round for JLG and me. My first YA novel, Gentlemen, was a Junior Library Guild selection way back in spring 2009. It was the first piece of good news for my first novel and I was So Very Into It. The selection comes with a certificate (which I immediately framed) and a little lapel pin, which I wore everywhere. It was honestly kind of a noob move, and I wound up losing the thing somewhere in the East Village. I retraced my (not entirely sober) steps for the whole night but couldn’t find it. I even went into KGB Bar the next day and asked if they’d found it when they swept up. Which is hilarious in retrospect—they don’t sweep up at KGB Bar! Have you ever seen that place? Ha!

Anyway, flash forward to the Shimmering Nowness of Now: I finally have a replacement pin, and it is once again the first official piece of good news for my new book (which comes out April 1! Perhaps you’d like to add it on Goodreads?). Which is excellent, because it’s not like I’m Freaking Out Over Here, waiting to see if people will like (or even notice) it. (Notice how the parenthetical comments are subtly undermining the narrative.) Nope, not at all. *reaches for socks* *puts them on ears*

2) Czech yo’self! (We will Slovak you?)
Operation Snow Globe rolls on, people! Rights for Trapped just sold in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Albatros (is boss) Media will handle both editions. It’s amazing and kind of surreal to me that these are the fourth and fifth languages the book will be translated into. The others: German, Italian, and Russian. It’s actually six, if you include British English. And you’re probably thinking: That’s the same bloody language, you yob! But it’s not. For example, in the UK edition they changed the narrator’s name from Scotty to Scott, so people wouldn’t think he was a wee black dog.

3) Guest blogs a-poppin’!

Man, I’m going to be doing a lot of guest blogging over the next month and a half. And now you’re thinking: You? You can barely manage to none-guest blog these days. And you are so, so right, but there’s nothing like a book launch to kick me in the tail and call me Captain (no idea where that came from). The first one went up last week as part of Jennifer Castle’s excellent, writing-themed Butt Meets Chair (and calls it Captain?) blog series. I just sent in another to the awesome team at Stacked, and am ironing out the dates and topics for five more, as part of my upcoming blog tour. Much more on that soon, but in the mean time, this ought to keep me out of trouble. Or at least out of KGB Bar.


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  1. Subhashini / Feb 20 2013

    Yeah, the “TRAPPED” book I have got has the name ‘Scott’ in it 😀
    Oh, and is there a new book you are working on? =]

  2. Subhashini / Feb 20 2013

    ooh, I see Rotten there….
    I mean, I just saw it..oopsies…
    SO any sequel for “TRAPPED”? 😀

  3. Michael / Feb 25 2013

    Hi Subhashini,
    Yeah, it’s interesting. Scotty to Scott isn’t a big change, but I wonder if his name will be changed in any of the upcoming editions, like the Russian or Czech ones. I’m not sure what I’m writing next—right now my head is full of Rotten, Rotten, Rotten—but I’ll add your vote to the tally!

    Also, a quick update: Junior Library Guild heard about my lost pin for Gentlemen, and they just sent me a replacement “Spring 2009” pin! I think that’s really cool of them.

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