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Jan 30 / Michael

Bark, bark, bark: It’s an ARC!

They say that when a man spends a lot of time with his advance reader copies, he starts to resemble them. Nonsense! I’ve been staring lovingly at mine for two days, and I haven’t changed a bit.


Isn’t it the most, to say the least? The ARCs look awesome. That’s not really the job of ARCs, but they do it anyway. Their main job is to fly with wings of eagles (and ears of dogs) to reviewers/bloggers/publications far and wide. Their arrival is really the start of things. The story I spent so long on has been transformed into a book by the amazing and talented people at Scholastic, and that book is out in the world. It has slipped its leash and made a break for it. I hope people like it. I hope they treat it well!

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