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Jul 14 / Michael

Three things: Pages in various stages and attacks on snacks

I’ve got some news to share—and, OK, I kind of wanted to write a blog post in which I didn’t compare myself, in passing, to The Little Mermaid (like last time). That was, uh, unfortunate. Anyhoo, three things:

1. Edit notes: I haz I’ve got them!
I got the editorial letter and comments on my next YA novel! As you may recall, it’s called Rotten and is about a troubled teen and rescue Rottweiler. It’s due out next spring, and I’m very excited to begin the revisions. It seems like a very appropriate way to spend the dog days of summer!

2. Plunked in LA!
Plunked is celebrating July with a little firecrack-pop of good news: The County of Los Angeles Public Library included Jack, Andy, and the rest of the Tall Pines Braves on its list of Tween Reads for July. According to their Next Reads newsletter: “This realistic novel has plenty of on-the-field action to please baseball nuts, but any fan of well-drawn characters and captivating, funny narrators (like those in Jordan Sonnenblick’s Curveball) will enjoy it, too.”

So cool! I know from my time at Sports Illustrated Kids, that LA is full of great young baseball fans—I hope they check it out!

3. Coooookie!
And then there’s this. I don’t know if it’s “news” exactly, but I kind of can’t get it out of my head so I thought, you know, I’d share it, maybe:


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  1. ryan field / Aug 10 2012

    That’s great news for plunked!

    But I am curious about the revisions photo. Do they still do it in hard copy, or is that just an example? I have not seen paper like that in ten years.

  2. Michael / Aug 11 2012

    Thanks, Ryan! Yep, that photo is indeed gritty realism. This is my fourth book with the same editor, and we’ve also done revisions electronically, but hard copy works a little better for me. Track changes flusters me sometimes, so I turn it off and/or delete the notes as I address them, but then I reconsider/deconsider/try to remember what the heck she wrote/why I did what I did/etc. With hard copy, I just cross out the notes or make little notations (check marks/question marks/etc.) that look inscrutable but make sense to me.

  3. Ryan Field / Aug 11 2012

    If hard copy works better that’s the most important thing 🙂

    I’ll be honest about track changes. When I get them back from my copy editors I am terrified to change anything because I’m afraid I’ll screw it up somehow. But because I’m doing mostly digital first books I don’t have a choice. But I never edit alone with track changes. I always wait until I get it back from the editor.

  4. Michael / Aug 14 2012

    Yeah, track changes can be downright vexing! Hard copy has definitely been better for me in this case, because I have retreated up to my tiny hometown for some serious revision lockdown. I have a printout of the version after the one in the photo that I have been able to toss in the passenger seat, drag into coffee shops and libraries, sit in the yard and dodge thunderstorms with. It is battered and dog-eared—but better!

  5. Ryan Field / Aug 14 2012

    I know agents and editors who still prefer hard copy, too. I might never have to do this, but I started out in hard copy, on a typewriter. And if the Internets ever imploded, I would be able to go right back to my old hard copy and typewriter in a minute without thinking twice.

    Here’s an interesting link you might like. This is the reason why I enjoy your books so much…because it’s a male POV. Nothing against women writing YA, but it’s nice to see men doing it, too. Young male readers don’t have that many choices out theer.

  6. Michael / Aug 18 2012

    You and me both, sir! If/when the end times come, it will just be the two of us, banging out our tales on manual typewriters. (I have an old clunker worthy of Fitzgerald on top of a bookshelf!)

    Thanks for the link—and the compliment! I agree with you completely. There was also a new article, somewhat in response to that, on Salon today, all about the idea of prestige. More food for thought.

    I hope you’re having a great weekend!

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