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Jun 20 / Michael

There are no dogs allowed in Rottweiler Platz: pictures von Europe

Hallo, America! Wie geht es dir? I was in Europe last week: part business and part long overdue (like 10 years overdue) break. Now that I’m back and have more or less convinced my body to give Eastern Standard Time another try, I thought I’d share some of the more writerly pictures from the trip.

Here I am striking a pose with the Hans Christian Andersen statue in Copenhagen. I am less The Ugly Duckling and more A Goofy Duck here. I was a little bit Little Mermaid, too—a fish out of water my first few days in Europe—but friendly, walkable Copenhagen made it easy.

And then it was on to Germany, and down to business (at least for a little while). I visited my German publisher, Loewe Verlag, in the tiny town on Bindlach AND THEY ARE AWESOME. First of all, Loewe means “lion,” and they have a cool lion logo on their books. For example, this one: Here I am holding a mockup of “KÄLTE” (which means cold and is Trapped). It comes out in August, followed by Gentlemen this fall. The whole editorial team was amazing, and they seem very excited about KÄLTE, which is on the back cover of their most recent catalog. They gave me a full tour of their very cool offices (look at that garden!) and then took me for a lively, lovely dinner in nearby Bayreuth.

Of course, getting to Bindlach required some sacrifices. Chief among those: A short stay in grey, business-like Frankfurt, where it rained on mein Kopf. On the plus side, Rottweiler Platz was a short walk from the hotel. My next book is about a rescue Rottweiler (Rotten! Coming spring ’13!), and the town of Rottweil, where the majestätische Hunde originated, guarding cattle and pulling little wooden-wheeled carts, is just outside Frankfurt. In an example of sheer, civic wooflessness, however, there are no dogs allowed in Rottweiler Platz. (Note the Rottweiler Platz sign above my head and the bad acting on my face.) Was ist das, Frankfurt?

And then it was on to Munich, which was incredible and fun and had beers the size of buckets. Just the train trip there was a highlight. Bavaria was Ba-very nice in general. And then it was back to the USA on Sunday. Eine kleine sigh. Here’s one last picture: surfers in Munich’s Englischer Garten, where a fast, shallow river and some strategically placed rocks let locals hang zehn.

The picture is a little fuzzy—I’d say impressionistic, but Germany is the wrong country for that (art history reference!). In any case, it seems like an appropriate way to wave goodbye to Europe, at least for now.


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  1. a / Jun 22 2012

    “In an example of sheer, civic wooflessness, however, there are no dogs allowed in Rottweiler Platz.” … pup-posterous ! … err, poop-posterous, maybe.

    Congrats on so many successes!!, and thank you for sharing your talent, wit, humor and wonderful writing!

  2. Michael / Jun 22 2012

    Or pup-poopsterous! (Unless that’s piling it on…)

    Thanks, in any case. It’s nice to hear from you, and I appreciate it!

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