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May 18 / Michael

PLUNKED has got game (and that game is awesome)!

Scholastic, my publisher and the hero of this story, has created a new sports section for its website. It has pages for baseball, football, basketball, and other sports. PLUNKED is at the top of the baseball page, along with its own game!

The game is so very awesome: You bat against li’l manga dudes. I’d play just to watch the expressions on the pitcher’s face: He looks fierce in his windup and then overjoyed just to have released the pitch—even if you are currently taking that pitch over the wall in center. I guess he sees it as his contribution to the game. Anyway, it RULES THE WORLD. The Game Changers game on the football page is also a lot of fun.

On a side note (I feel I can digress at will now because everyone else has probably left this page to play one of the games), I think it’s awesome that Scholastic is increasing its sports presence. I am dyslexic and got off to a rocky start as a reader—basically I was mad for sports but mad at books—and I know what a powerful draw sports can be for young (potential) readers. So when it comes to helping kids find the kind of books that work for them, well, you know I’m game.


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  1. Em (Love YA Lit) / May 18 2012

    I’m not the target demo but I just KILLED it! Home Runs all over the place! YES!

  2. Michael / May 18 2012

    Excellent! And you are the target demo: The target demo is people who like awesome things!

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