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Mar 24 / Michael

Feelin’ sporky

Technically, it’s a minor league baseball jersey for the Reading (PA) Phillies, the AA affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies. In practice (so to speak), it’s a baseball jersey with “Reading” written across the front. I like to pretend the other teams in the division are the Mathematics Mariners, History Pirates, and Science Rays, but I guess that’s changing the subject. Anyway, check it, yo:

I call this look “Blue Steel”…

Clearly, context matters. At an “R-Phils” game, this jersey is the height of fashion. In NYC, not so much. Is it sporty? Dorky? It is both: It’s sporky! I got it for school visits. How cool am I going to look, rolling into an elementary school near you wearing this bad boy? Very. At least until the fifth graders beat me up in the stairwell. (They’re like piranhas: harmless individually but ferocious in schools!)

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