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Feb 7 / Michael

P-Dub dubs Plunked “an unusually thoughtful baseball novel,” and Kirkus konkurs!

Rookies often report to spring training early, and Plunked is no different. While the first pitchers and catchers won’t report to camp until Sunday, my first middle grade novel is already getting in game shape for its March 1 release. And it’s a good thing, because the preseason scouting has begun!

Give ’em the heater, little book!

Kirkus Reviews led things off with a fantastic write-up in their February 1 issue, proclaiming: “Readers will appreciate this down-to-earth sports story that stays within its game, offering no theatrics and special effects, just a realistic story rooted in the writer’s knowledge of the game and what it means to its young players.” The review ends: “Jack Mogens is a likable young player, and readers will empathize with him and cheer him on.”

Publishers Weekly followed up with a review yesterday that mentioned “well-written baseball action” and called Plunked “an unusually thoughtful baseball novel.” That echoed a great post on Richie’s Picks in January that labeled the book “a really thoughtful sports tale.” But only Richie led off with a perfectly selected slice of REM lyrics, so he gets the W.

In other early action, StorySnoops declared the book “a must-read for true baseball fans,” and my animated book trailer—random phrases, odd pauses, and all—easily shot past 1,000 views (I fear it may be juicing).

Get Plunked!
by: MDNorthrop

And I think that’s enough news/tortured baseball analogies for now. See you next round up!


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  1. Carrie / Feb 7 2012

    I love baseball books. I’ll have to add Plunked to my list of books to read while I’m waiting for the Home Opener.

  2. Michael / Feb 7 2012

    Hi, Carrie. That sounds like an excellent plan to me! Plunked can fill that tough gap in March, when the teams are playing split-squad scrimmages, half the starters are sitting out, and everyone is just counting the days until the games finally count.

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