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Dec 10 / Michael

Up ‘n Atom: TRAPPED in the UK!

The UK edition: a bloody good cover!

Atom Books is publishing Trapped in the United Kingdom on Thursday, December 15! They actually brought in a designer who usually works on crime novels for the cover (above). Cool, right? Atom also has a group of awesome teen readers called The Atomics, who got an early look at the book and had some very nice things to say. I’ve already told my amazing UK editor that I suspect The Atomics are actually superheroes, a rock band, or possibly a rock band that dabbles in crime fighting. The picture she sent did little to dispel this suspicion. . . .

Recent Atomics meeting

Anyway: Hooray! These are exciting times, people. The sun never sets on the British Empire, and even if it did, the reading lights would click on immediately.

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