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Dec 2 / Michael

Notable quotes from The Pacific North-best

OK, I know I said I was planning to switch over to talking about my next book, PLUNKED, hereabouts. And thanks to the scandalous infrequency of my posts these days, I have done so since, er, November 16th. As with everything on this site, though, that’s more of a guideline than a rule, and I just really love this write-up of TRAPPED:

From The Bellingham (WA) Herald, Dec. 1, 2011:
. . . A teen novel that offers good discussion possibilities, [Aubri] Keleman [teen services coordinator for the Whatcom County Library System] said, is “Trapped,” Michael Northrop’s survival tale about teens who are stranded in their high school during a blizzard.

“It has been one that has really been fun to take into schools,” she said. “Things just go from bad to worse.”

So cool, right? For one thing, I’ve taken some lumps here and there for not wrapping up TRAPPED with the semi-standard-issue YA bow on top, and this is pretty much a perfect example of both why I made that decision and why I’m glad I did: to leave readers with something to think and, yes, talk about. It’s such a great, succinct summary, too: Things really do go from bad to worse! The wheels definitely fall off the wagon at Tattawa High. And finally, I love the idea that my wintry little work of fiction is helping to heat up some fun real-life discussions (especially in Washington, where they know their snow). So here’s to YA librarians. Not only are they highly quotable, but the world is simply a better, book-talkier place because of them.


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  1. ryan field / Dec 2 2011

    I didn’t mind the way trapped ended. And the books with a variety of reviews and ratings always tend to be more interesting. Looking forward to PLUNKED!!

  2. Michael / Dec 3 2011

    Thanks, Ryan! Yeah, I definitely think the controversy about the ending has been good for the book. It’s interesting: Every genre comes with fairly set expectations, and troublemaker that I am, I’ve veered off from those in all of my books. Gentlemen is unusual for a YA mystery in that the boys are really ineffective detectives, and the ending of Trapped is more like you find in the literary fiction section. On the one hand, mixing genres creates, like, literary platypuses. On the other hand, I like platypuses!

  3. Ryan Field / Dec 3 2011

    I think the surprise in GENTLEMEN, at the end, is amazing. I honestly didn’t see it coming with one character in particular. No spoilers 🙂

  4. Michael / Dec 3 2011

    You, sir, are a master of the non-spoiler. You didn’t give anything away, but I know exactly what you’re talking about. And I appreciate it, because that’s one of my favorite parts of the book.

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