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Jun 28 / Michael

Ate thoughts on a dream about zombies

1. Having too much bourbon-lemonade at book club won’t necessarily cause you to dream about the zombie apocalypse, but it certainly won’t prevent it.

2. Last night, I had a dream in which I had to stub out a good cigar because the hills were crawling with zombies, but it was a completely unrealistic dream because I don’t smoke cigars.

3. A zombie chasing a car is a lot like a dog chasing a car, except the zombie knows what it will do if it catches it.

4. Dreams about zombies might sound cool, but they are still dreams in which you might be eaten by a stranger.

5. As a writer from Connecticut, I feel well qualified to comment on the etiquette of zombie-human interaction. It is abysmal.

6. I think a lot of people would survive the zombie apocalypse only to be done in by the subsequent lack of internet.

7. In a sense, a zombie is just a really overzealous people-person.

Ate. Either I tweaked a neck muscle while I slept—always a possibility at my advanced age—or it’s a BITE WOUND from a DREAM ZOMBIE.


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  1. Meeks / Jun 28 2011

    I would like some bourbon lemonade. Thank you.
    Last night I dreamed I finally finished the second novel on my Egmont contract, only to reread it and realize I’d accidentally written “family” all over again.

  2. Michael / Jun 28 2011

    Yes, let us not analyze too deeply… At least you have a nice replacement for the ol’ didn’t study for finals dream!

  3. KatieIusedtofactCheck O / Jun 29 2011

    I feel like zombie-chic is the next big fashion trend. We will see models strutting down the runway with half eaten faces and exaggerated limps in no time.

  4. Michael / Jun 29 2011

    Hi Katie!
    Yeah, I think they should just release actual zombies at fashion events. Then the runway shows would become run-away shows 😮

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