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Mar 1 / Michael

Trapped book trailer: A blizzard of awesome!

This just in, check out this amazing book trailer for Trapped, from Naomi Bates at Northwest High School in Justin, Texas.

Fantastic, right? Northwest is uniquely suited to weather a massive blizzard for three reasons: 1) It is one of only four high schools in the nation with an on-campus, indoor coffee shop. 2) It is in Texas, near Fort Worth. 3) It is clearly awesome. Thanks, Naomi—and go, Texans!


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  1. Naomi Bates / Mar 7 2011

    WOW!!! You are not only an amazing author, but also dig deep.
    Thanks for the amazing post! I did this because not only did I love your first book, but this one just blew me away. You have definitely author-ized me, and thanks for your talen as a YA author, especially for guys. Keep writing…please! : )

  2. Michael / Mar 8 2011

    Thanks, Naomi! I love the trailer, and I truly appreciate your comments. I will definitely keep writing, and keeping the guys in mind when I do. I was definitely one of those very active boys who got a late start on reading—and all I had to contend with at the time was an Atari 2600 and the woods!

  3. Nathan / Dec 11 2011

    I personally think you should write a sequel. You ended the book a little too suddenly, although it was a truly amazing book. I find it to be one of my favorites, and I’m curious about what happens next.

  4. Michael / Dec 11 2011

    Thanks, man! (I’m going to answer this with your other comment over on the Trapped page.)

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