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Feb 13 / Michael

Trapped is a Top 3 pick in The Allentown Morning Call!

The Allentown Morning Call named Trapped one of its Top 3 Books for Young Adults today, as chosen by the nation’s oldest bookstore, the Moravian Book Shop in Bethlehem, PA. That sentence contains so many layers of awesome, I hardly know where to begin. Consider, for example, that when the Moravian Book Shop opened in 1745 it was not only an indie but an only. And I love those old-school city papers—makes me think of pouring over the sports pages of my beloved Waterbury Republican-American every weekend growing up.

And the top result when you Google image search “3” is . . .

Anyway, here’s a link. The other two books are Cassie Clare’s City of Bones and Wendelin Van Draanen’s The Running Dream, and they call Trapped “a gripping nail-biter, great for teens.” Super-cool! I believe celebration is in order, so perhaps some music? Check out this excellent homemade video for Billy Joel’s “Allentown”:

Or, if you’d rather, here’s “Sunday Morning Call” by Oasis. That works, too:

The original title was “Sunday edition of The Allentown Morning Call” but Noel,
singing lead on this one, couldn’t quite make it work.

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