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Jan 16 / Michael

Mystery Solved: Trapped is one of B&N’s Must-Reads for Teens!

Yesterday morning, while making my standard sad, compulsive rounds of various sites, checking the sales rank of my new book, I discovered something remarkable: Its Barnes & Noble rank had jumped from around 120,000 to 755. Over the course of the day, it continued to climb, reaching 558 around halftime of the Steelers-Ravens game. I wasn’t sure why this had happened and all of my theories, it turns out, were wrong. The answer: The erudite and, let’s just be honest, attractive people at B&N put it on their “Must-Reads for Teens” page! Hooray!

As you can (sort of) see above, Trapped is in the center square and keeping some pretty fancy company: It can’t so much as throw a snowball without hitting a “Soon To Be Major Motion Picture” or big-time award winner. And I have instructed it not to throw any snowballs—though who could blame it for tossing a little snow up in the air to use as confetti? Exciting times, people!


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  1. Melissa Walker / Jan 16 2011


  2. Courtney Sheinmel / Jan 16 2011

    Hooray, Michael!

  3. Kim Harrington / Jan 16 2011

    They have good taste! 🙂

  4. Michael / Jan 16 2011

    Thanks, ladies! I am really excited about it!

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