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Jan 1 / Michael

Booklist: “The pages turn like wildfire”

The plane makes one last, desperate attempt to extinguish
my book; the trucks can only watch.

It’s January 1. My 2010 Black Bear wall calendar has been replaced by a 2011 Sharks calendar and, once upon a time, my second novel was supposed to come out today. Then two very big companies talked things out and now Trapped is scheduled for February 1—but is available all over the place now. Some very cool indie bookstores and the major online retailers have been selling it for a week or two already. Is my launch date a month from now or two weeks ago? I have no idea! But my once and future pub date has been commemorated with a very nice review in the January 1 issue of Booklist. It begins with an excellent recap (“It’s a setup just plausible enough to give you chills…”) and ends with a majestically awesome pull quote: “There’s no denying the pages turn like wildfire.”

The book is about a blizzard; the pages turn like wildfire—just how many natural disasters have to happen before people buy this book?! Well, here’s one more, 70s fashion!


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  1. Kurtis / Jan 1 2011

    So they flooded you with compliments?

  2. Michael / Jan 1 2011

    They re-galed me with such talk.

  3. Meeks / Jan 1 2011

    Congrats – great start to 2011!

  4. Michael / Jan 1 2011

    Thanks, Micol! Wait… do you mean the review or the song? I loved those 70s story songs when I was a little kid, though: Wildfire, Mr. Bojangles, Cats in the Cradle, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. (Man, those songs were really grim, now that I think about it…)

  5. joe / Jan 4 2011

    Ideally you could do an event for the book in a blizzard, during a cyclone, in a Borders, as it goes bankrupt.

  6. Michael / Jan 7 2011

    Hey, Joe! Yes, that would be the perfect storm, publicity-wise. I am drawing the line at nuclear winters and mega-canes, respectively. (And wish Borders the best: Hang in there, B-boys!)

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