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Dec 21 / Michael

My book is here: Head asplode!

I got a UPS package from my editor today. It contained two hardcover copies of TRAPPED and a bottle of small-batch bourbon. Best Christmas present in, like, ever. And, sure, I’m all relating-the-contents-in-short-grammatical-sentences about it now, but at the time it was like that scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark: I opened it and was like, “It’s byooootiful,” and my head melted. And then it grew back and exploded, like in Scanners. I went through RoboCop, Sleepy Hollow, and a few others before I finally calmed down. Here’s me keeping a more or less straight, intact face:

And here’s a closer look at my first real copy of my second real novel:

And here I am with the bourbon. It is still wrapped, but the top was open enough for me to see the label—and maybe more…


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  1. Kurtis / Dec 21 2010

    I can tell from the shape of the bottle that it is not Blanton’s, so I am not as jealous as I was before. I am still coming over to help you drink it though, so let the doorman know. I can bring a bottle of branchwater; that makes it even no?

  2. Michael / Dec 21 2010

    Absolutely! Water you waiting for? (See what I did there? That seems super funny after several slugs of holiday hooch…)

  3. Kurtis / Dec 21 2010

    I see, I see. It’s like a joke, only smaller!

  4. Michael / Dec 21 2010

    Yes, and less funny!

  5. Taylor / Dec 21 2010


  6. Michael / Dec 21 2010

    Thanks! I am super excited about it. The book looks great!

  7. scott neumyer / Dec 22 2010

    Dude! So excited. Seriously, the cover alone makes me want to read it SO bad right NOW!

  8. Michael / Dec 22 2010

    Thanks, man! I am really thrilled with the design. The cover is a work of art, and there is a cool thing with the chapter openings throughout the book, too.

  9. Debbie / Dec 26 2010

    Congratulations! That is very exciting.
    Merry Christmas,


  10. Michael / Dec 26 2010

    Thanks, Debbie. Merry Christmas!

  11. scott neumyer / Dec 27 2010

    Aaaaah! Want to see more!

  12. Michael / Dec 27 2010

    Thanks, man. The two feet of snow we got last night was just a sneak preview!

    The book is available online now, and it’s even starting to sneak onto the shelves in some indies. That’s about 5 weeks before the official pub date, but I’m glad: A snowy winter is a terrible thing to waste!

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