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Nov 30 / Michael

Deutsche Rechte verkauften!

Scholastic just sold German rights to both Gentlemen and Trapped. What do you think of that, LOLephant?

Ja ist es! A) It is the first time I will be paid in Euros, and B) to the extent that I speak any language other than English, it’s German. (The headline above says ‘German rights sold!’ or maybe ‘There was a sale to the right of Germany!’ Pretty exciting, either way!) While my four semesters of Japanese have completely deserted me—all I can do now is order sushi with a certain amount of aplomb—my two years of German have stuck like sauerkraut at a 3- or 4-year-old level. Heck, I’m practically ready for kindergarten. And those kleine Kinder better be ready to pass the paste, because I’m celebrating!


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  1. Aris Georgiadis / Dec 1 2010

    I never knew you were an honorary doughnut. Now you needs those movie rights! Berlin Film Festival is yours, baby! (I hear the award is a golden lion.)

  2. Michael / Dec 1 2010

    Oh, yeah: Ich bin at least zwei berliners, maybe even drei. A golden lion? That is too cool not to win: I intend to go to that festival and I intend to be the mane attraction!

  3. Melissa Walker / Dec 10 2010

    Amazing! I would also like to see how many other posts you can tag with “LOL Elephant.” Let’s get it in the sidebar!

  4. Michael / Dec 10 2010

    Thanks! I’ve got a whole LOL zoo going on here, LOL elephants, bears, squirrels, crabs, hamsters, dogs… I won’t list them all, but there’s a lot of variety—or should I say FURiety?

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