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Nov 6 / Michael

I’m freakin’ done! [Or: Do you feel a draft?!]

So, yeah, I finished the first draft of my thriller today. No biggie, you probably finished a bunch of novels today, but we can’t all NaNoWrite at the same pace. This one weighs in at 90,000 words and 362 pages. It took me about five months and darn near killed me—and since I wrote it on spec, it still might! Still, it feels good to be done, and I’m looking forward to editing this beast. I’ll probably go down the Housing Works Used Bookstore Cafe for some marathon sessions. Beginning tomorrow. Right now, there’s a Little Debbie Star Crunch cake here, and I believe I have earned it.

Q: What is the book like? To what other works would you compare it?
A: It is like, OK, imagine this: An episode of “24” guest-starring Jason Bourne and Magnum P.I. and set during Red Dawn but loosely inspired by The Fugitive and certain old Westerns. Except with more action than that, some sociopathic anti-heroes I forgot to mention above, and better scenery because it takes place in New Hampshire during leaf season.

A breathtaking view of the lake where the mercenaries shot the fishermen.


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  1. Matt F. / Nov 6 2010

    Is that blood I see splattered all over those leaves?

  2. Michael / Nov 6 2010

    Well, some of it is viscera…

  3. Kurtis / Nov 6 2010

    From that description, it sounds like you wrote Affliction. But I haven’t read Affliction, so I’ll just read your book and then accuse Russell Banks of plagiarism.


  4. Michael / Nov 6 2010

    Yes, that is called pregiarization, and Russell Banks is guilty as hell.


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