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Nov 1 / Michael

Hard-edged and softcovered: Gentlemen now available in paperback!

April 14, 2009, was, in many ways, a simpler time. Dinosaurs still roamed the earth and my debut novel, Gentlemen, had not yet been released. A lot has happened since then (the invention of fire, the wheel, Mafia Wars), most recently: Gentlemen is now (today!) available in a fiercely sweet, utterly black paperback edition from Scholastic PUSH. Hooray! It even has my picture on the back—in black and white! Full disclosure: There is actually some dark red on the cover: It is black and white and red all over, like a newspaper (used to be) or a panda in a Superman cape. And who wouldn’t want one of those?


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  1. Taylor / Nov 1 2010

    A panda or a koala? 😮

  2. Michael / Nov 1 2010

    I’m not sure, they *bear* a strong resemblance to each other. I’ll check to see if its breath is minty and get back to you!

  3. Amanda / Nov 3 2010

    I’m reading Gentlemen now. Well, write now I’m writing this between patrons. But on my break, I’ll be getting back to the action peak in ch. 18. Based on the book jacket description Gentlemen would have made it to my “read” (past tense) list eventually. It’s placement on the BBYA list and my priority to booktalk a few titles off the list bumped it higher in the “must read now” queue. And I’m glad it did. I don’t quite remember why, maybe it was due to the starred review and not much yakkity-yak on Gentlemen in my sphere, but I headed into the novel with the pretense that I was going to be pleasantly surprised. Even knowing that, it was still sudden when my admission came that Gentlemen is an exceptional book. I know I’ve still 50 pages left! But my praise is specific to the way in which Crime and Punishment was incorporated into propelling the characters’ suspicion. It was so gratifying to discover Gentlemen wasn’t a modern retelling. Anyway, I was just wanting to see if you were working on anything new, and it’s good to know I’ve to keep an eye out for Trapped, and I thought at the same time I’d congradulate the paperback release. I’ll be recommending Gentlemen to our teen book group. Thanks, Amanda

  4. Michael / Nov 4 2010

    Hi, Amanda. Thanks so much! I very glad you are enjoying it so far. Yes, chapter 18 is definitely the peak of the action! I remember the day I wrote the main scene: I felt jittery and overcaffeinated afterward, even though I hadn’t had a drop of coffee. (I didn’t really drink it back then, but it is now firmly on my long list of minor vices.)

    I’ve always thought Crime and Punishment was a natural fit for high school. Part of that is probably because that’s when I first read it, but there’s also the sense of feverish insularity and persecution and so many of the other trials (so to speak) of high school.

    Anyway, thanks again. I hope you’re having a great week!

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