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Oct 16 / Michael

None more black: Attack of the Gentlemen paperback!

The paperback of Gentlemen officially comes out on November 1, but I got my author’s copies on Friday. It is super-exciting—the UPS guy was actually sweating, due to either excitement or the fact that he’d just delivered two tons of “medical samples” to the hospital across the street. He was right in either case!

Here I am, just sitting in my hallway, casually reading my own book.

Among the awesome things about the paperback:

* It has all of my awards and best review blurbs on the back cover. That stuff happened over a year-plus, so seeing it all in one place, I was like, “Day-um, book!” There’s a line of red text that says, “An ALA Best Book for Young Adults,” and that is the same line, in the same color and more or less the same place, as on the back of The Outsiders, which is one of my all-time favorite books.

* It has my picture on the back, which sends a powerful message to weird-looking children everywhere: You can write a book!

* It is published by Scholastic PUSH, an awesome little imprint that has published some amazing, groundbreaking books, like Tyrell by Coe Booth and Cut by Patricia McCormick. It was the imprint I had in mind when I was writing Gentlemen!

* It is that perfect, back-pocket friendly size for a paperback.

* And to quote a wise man/complete idiot: How much more black could the cover be? “None, none more black.”

Anyway, I am thrilled. The paperback will probably start appearing in stores in the next few weeks. If you see it, say hello! Or snap a picture and send it to me! There’s no need to feel self-conscious: This book is soooo much more exciting than medical samples, and you know you’d take a picture if you saw one of those on the shelves.


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  1. Michael / Oct 16 2010

    Seriously, if you see the paperback in the wild, send me a photo (my email is on the Contact page). I will post it on the site, along with a lavish and fawning description of the photographer.

  2. Cinette / Oct 16 2010

    I put ‘Gentlemen’ on order just yesterday! And now, I have access to a picture of the author reading it in his hallway! How cool is that?

  3. Michael / Oct 16 2010

    Thanks, Cinette: I think it’s very cool! (And that is my most dynamic reading pose—I just wish the wind-machine had been working!)

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