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Aug 30 / Michael

A blizzard of pages

My online presence has been low lately. Normally, that would mean I was incarcerated or on the lamb (figuratively). In this case, it’s because I have been knee-deep in the first-pass pages of my second novel, Trapped, which is about a group of students stranded in their high school during a weeklong blizzard and is now due for release in February. That’s a month later than originally planned but, for reasons I probably shouldn’t oughta say, a good thing.

Much like a bill must go through many steps before becoming a law, a manuscript must go through many steps before becoming first-pass pages. The editor must make notes, and the author must make changes. Then the resulting pages must be copyedited, designed, and laid out. All of these things have happened, most in this very month.

I received the pages via UPS on Friday morning—the UPS man and I were wearing very similar shorts—then spent the weekend at the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe down on Crosby Street, reading them carefully, making notes here and there, and trying not to get too many crumbs or coffee stains on them.

The picture above came out a bit more “Here’s Johnny!” than intended, so it has to sit here at the bottom and think about what it’s done. On the right in both shots you can see where I’ve scrawled the book’s dedication. This is how the sausage gets made, people, the delicious, blizzard-themed YA sausage. Next up: Can you guess? Second-pass pages! And if we did things right on the first-pass, they’ll be as clean and unbroken as a snow-covered high school field.


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  1. Melissa Walker / Aug 31 2010

    That second photo is going to haunt me–I especially like the blizzard edge effect. I can’t wait for this book!

  2. Michael / Aug 31 2010

    Thanks, Melissa! Maybe I could be on your new web site: Before You Were Haunt 😮

  3. NORBERTO / Oct 10 2011

    Amazing! I just got a "request forbidden by twitter API" notice when I tried to favorite a tweet. Forbidden? Really? @twitter

  4. Michael / Oct 10 2011

    Don’t let the Twitter man (or bird) keep you down, Norberto!

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