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Jul 5 / Michael

Gentlemen: One-word reviews!

Listen, reviews are complicated. They’ve got, like, a bunch of words all strung together, and it’s like, What? So I went through various articles and blogs and found the key words used to describe Gentlemen. Basically, I made like Schoolhouse Rock and unpacked my adjectives.

Gentlemen, in a word…
“Creepy”—The New York Times
“Tantalizing”—The Book Resort
“Suspenseful”—Junior Library Guild
“Dark”—Publishers Weekly
“Brutal”—Publishers Weekly
“Brilliant”—Wondrous Reads
“Shocking”—Wondrous Reads
“Muscular”—The Cleveland Plain Dealer
“Chilling”—The Cleveland Plain Dealer
“Awesome”—Cupcake Witch


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  1. Melissa Walker / Jan 30 2010

    One-word titles, one-word reviews! A curious theme for someone so loquacious. Intriguing.

  2. Michael / Jan 30 2010

    Yes, it’s all false advertising! I lure people in with the promise of select, carefully chosen words, and then… BAM: Word-splosion!

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