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Jun 2 / Michael

I’ve got issues: 10 of ’em!

One Story is an awesome literary magazine: a single short story sent every three weeks, bound in a colorful cover that fits neatly in your back pocket. I collect signed issues. I don’t know if that’s the nerdiest hobby in the world but it’s securely in the Top 5. I won’t apologize, though. The stories are always good, except when they’re great, and just the right length to read in the park or on a long subway trip.

My meter had been stuck on nine signed copies for a while, because I had to miss the last few (more or less monthly) One Story readings. But I ran into the One Story crew at a party for the 2009 O. Henry Prize winners, and, OK, maybe I mentioned how I was t-h-i-s close to double digits. Today, in an act of almost unimaginable coolness, I received my 10th signed One Story in the mail—issue 94, signed by none other than O. Henry winner Mohan Sikka!

This is just so freaking awesome. Thank you, Tanya! You are the coolest managing editor of all time! As for the rest of you, who wouldn’t want to subscribe (such a good deal) to a magazine like that? A magazine that just randomly dispenses awesomeness out into the world? Fantastic. And geektastic. But mostly: fantastic.

For those of you scoring at home, A) lucky you B) here’s the full list: Issue 13, Allison Amend; issue 24, (fellow YA author!) Margo Rabb; issue 34, Bruce Machart (best One Story ever?); issue 38, Alix Ohlin; issue 43, David Lawrence Morse; issue 46, Rattawut Lapcharoensap (who goes by “A” in person); issue 47, Will Allison; issue 72, Andrew Porter; issue 80, Rachel Cantor; issue 94, Mohan Sikka.


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  1. Marie / Jun 2 2009

    def. nerdiest hobby ever. DEF!

  2. Michael / Jun 2 2009

    Hooray: I’m #1!

  3. Steph Su / Jun 3 2009

    …and I REALLY love the title of this post. Love it. It’s so…appropriate. It’s so you.

    And there’s a good reason for being intimidated by Maureen and Scott. I grew up reading their books. My formulative years, you know. Imagine what it’d be like meeting some of your favorite authors.

    Of course, now your comment on my site has led me to go cower in a corner. I don’t know if we can ever meet again, Michael, because I’ll be hiding from you now!


  4. Michael / Jun 3 2009

    Oh, we’ll meet again, Ms. Su, probably at some Enter the Dragon–style martial arts tournament. You’ll be there to pay off gambling debts; I’ll be there as a Shaolin spy. You know, the usual stuff. I only hope we meet in the finals, because I don’t think either one of us is will be in fighting shape after that.

  5. Rachel Cantor / Jun 3 2009

    I’m a collector’s item! Yay! I’ll pass the word–maybe we can score you some more …

  6. Michael / Jun 3 2009

    Hi Rachel,
    Absolutely: Picnic after the Flood has an honored place in my collection!


  7. Kirsten Lunstrum / Jun 3 2009


    Rachel Cantor just tipped me off to your project to collect signed One Story copies. If you’re still trying for more, I’d be happy to send you my issue if you forward me your address. (I was #101 – “Familial Kindness.”) Let me know.

    Thanks for supporting short stories this way — great project!

    Kirsten Lunstrum

  8. Michael / Jun 3 2009

    Hooray! That would be amazing. I just zipped off an email with the information. Thanks so much. This is yet another reason to love One Story: such fantastic, generous authors.

  9. Rachel Carpenter / Jun 3 2009

    rachel cantor tipped me off too, michael – what a cool thing to do.

    i’m #9 (just like the beatles song)… i don’t have any extra copies anymore, but let me know if you want to send me one/have one mailed to me, to mail back to you.

  10. Michael / Jun 3 2009

    Hi Rachel,
    Thanks! Number 9 was before I started subscribing, but I’ll hunt around and try to get my greedy hands on one!

  11. James Scott / Jun 3 2009

    Hey Michael,
    Rachel Cantor strikes again! I am sorry to say I don’t have any more of my issues (96), but I’d be happy to sign somehow…
    I have collected a few signatures myself, just here and there, so there’s no way it’s a lame hobby. Right?

  12. Tania / Jun 4 2009

    Where are you from? Is it a secret? 🙂

  13. Michael / Jun 4 2009

    James: Excellent! And, you’re so right: If we both have the same hobby it *must* be cool. There is just no debate.

    Tania: It’s not that I don’t have secrets, it’s just that that isn’t one of them: I am from darkest New England.

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