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Jan 28 / Michael

Top o’ the order: 3 things

After suffering a head injury, Johnny Damon signed with the Yankees.

1. It looks like Johnny Damon has officially parted ways with the Yankees. Good. I never did master the art of rooting against that guy. (And now he can grow that Captain Caveman hair back!) Obviously, as a Sox fan, I will always owe Damon a debt of gratitude for his time in Boston. He was also one of my favorite athletes to work with when I was the baseball editor at Sports Illustrated Kids. Basically, he’s a great, gutsy player, a thoughtful interview subject, an all-around good guy, and now, praise the lord and pass the biscuits, no longer a Yankee.


2. There’s an excellent new review of Gentlemen up at the cool YA/kids’ lit blog Lands of Pleasure. You should check it out: Once you LoP, you can’t stop!

3. I stayed in last night, one light burning, and read the whole second half of Joe Schreiber’s No Doors, No Windows. It’s fantastic. If you’re interested in reading a smart, adrenalized horror novel—basically, a good old-fashioned ghost story with the dial turned up to 11—this is your book.

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