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Jan 24 / Michael

Sliding into home!

SAFE to say I just finished the first draft of my baseball book, PLUNKED. My final writing day was my biggest: 2,007 words, all in order. I’d say it feels good to finish strong, but heck, it just feels good to finish. I have a solid week of freelancing ahead, but I am really looking forward to editing this one after that.

I overshot my target word count by 5K, but I am willing to sacrifice all of those words, and countless baserunners, in the name of ruthless editing. I feel like I have something really amazing here, and I’m excited to show it to a few people, but first I need to clean it up, tie its shoes, and make it presentable. And I will, but for now, the book is written, the file is backed up, there’s a smile on my face, and that other sport on TV.


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  1. Aris Georgiadis / Jan 28 2010

    Good job brother. As always, proud as all hell, and usually I’m not about leaving sentiment behind on your blog. Sediment, yes, but not sentiment.

  2. Michael / Jan 28 2010

    Thank you, sir! As for the sediment, your comments do tend to be a little gritty, but there’s nothing wrong with a change of pace.

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