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Jan 23 / Michael

Book Theatre: No Doors, No Windows

Thrill to unimaginable drama—and unflattering angles—as I read from Joe Schreiber’s excellent new horror novel, No Doors, No Windows. It’s excerptional!


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  1. joe / Jan 23 2010

    That’s it. I’m officially commissioning an extra wing for you on Skywalker Ranch where you can read my stuff as I write it — including edits. There will be room serve and and unlimited bar tab with your name on it, starting on Groundhog Day. Tell ’em I sent you.

  2. Michael / Jan 23 2010

    Thank you, sir! I don’t know how much reading would get done with that unlimited bar tab hanging around, but I’m willing to give it a go. No one intones “crossed out” or “scrawled in margin” with as much feeling as I do!

  3. Michael / Jan 24 2010

    Oh, man. I just watched this again: The way I scrunch up my face when I read makes me look like some kind of literate mole… Holy moley!

    It’s a fantastic book (regardless of what it does to my face). The best horror books can make you lose sleep in two ways: 1) By staying up late reading, and 2) By worrying about every little creak after you do finally turn off the lights. This is definitely one of those books.

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