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Apr 8 / Michael

Top 10 Wild Animals

Listed in the order I thought of them:

Brown bear
Black bear
Black mamba
Great white shark
Bull shark

Scientifically selected using only the most subjective of criteria. You will notice, for example, that I like animals with superpowers, such as the ability to change colors or be deadly. You will also notice a lot of toothy beasts. I would not recommend getting all of these animals together in one room. In addition to being uncomfortable for the sharks, in about three minutes, it would resemble an animal-powered blender. These animals are best viewed in their native habitat, or on the Discovery Channel.


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  1. scott neumyer / Apr 8 2009

    I love how beaver, turtle, and chameleon have no right being on the list with those other scary beasts. LOL

  2. Michael / Apr 8 2009

    Fortunately, one is a master of camouflage and another has a shell. The beaver, though, is pretty much screwed.

  3. Kurtis / Apr 8 2009

    I am particularly thrilled with your #4, of course! However, I am also a big fan of #3. You’ve inspired me to make my own list or lists which I’ll try to post today.

  4. Michael / Apr 8 2009

    That’s right: #4 is right up your alley! Anyway, cool. I’m looking forward to your list. I’ll warn you up front: It’s hard to hold yourself to just 10.

  5. Kurtis / Apr 8 2009

    I think I’d do two lists, one of cute animals (hedgehogs, rabbits, etc.) and one of awesome animals (tigers, snakes, etc.) Of course you also need a list of funny animals (monkeys, otters) and…

    Forget it, I’ll never be able to keep myself to ten lists, let alone ten animals.

  6. scott neumyer / Apr 8 2009

    For some reason, I really wanted to see a Wolverine make the list…

  7. Michael / Apr 8 2009

    Wolverine… That could be a different list, entirely. There’s a lot to work out there, though: Just Marvel or all of them? Heroes and villains together, or separate?

  8. Kurtis / Apr 8 2009

    Maybe it’s a list of Hugh Jackman characters: Wolverine, Curly, Leopold, Van Helsing…

  9. Angela / Apr 8 2009

    Oooooo. Animal lists. Well, my day is all planned out now! I wonder how many lists I can fit “river otter” into.

  10. Michael / Apr 8 2009

    The real question is: How many lists can you keep river otters out of? They are nimble and highly inquisitive.

  11. Angela / Apr 8 2009

    Also, they have razor sharp teeth and claws.

  12. Kurtis / Apr 8 2009

    I think my top ten are elephants, rabbits, hedgehogs, monkeys, bears, turtles, mamba snakes, large cats, small cats, and the misunderstood lemming. Oh, and otters. This one goes to eleven!

  13. Michael / Apr 8 2009

    This is an excellent list. If you need that extra something, just to put you over the top, you dial it up to “otters.” I am going to have to refer “large cats” to the list judges, though, as I suspect that any category that includes lions, jaguars, and pumas is overly broad. You will be notified of their decision by messenger ocelot.

  14. Michael / Apr 28 2009

    Hey, man,
    Hmmm, sorry, I don’t know how to help you with that. Maybe an rss SOS?

  15. slirlbalhar / May 13 2009

    What would you like to drink?

  16. Michael / May 13 2009

    So, I’m pretty sure the previous comment is spam from Russia. I get a lot of spam comments on here, mostly from Russian url’s. I don’t know why. They’ll have one innocuous sentence (in English) and then link to some commercial website (in Russian). I usually delete them, but I am going to leave this one. The sentence is just so perfect! Who told them? (Do they, wait, do they have a camera in here somewhere?)

  17. TIM TO BIM / Jun 2 2009

    wazzp! I like grizzly bears? Are they the same as brown bears?

  18. Michael / Jun 2 2009

    Hey man,
    Yep, brown bears are the same as grizzly bears. They frickin’ rock!

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