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Apr 4 / Michael

Four Gentlemen at Barnes & Noble, dressed all in black

The “Teen Hardcover, New Releases” shelf at Barnes & Noble Lincoln Center. Can’t really complain about the placement:

And though I swore my rowdiness and misdemeanory were behind me, I stole this photo from Sarah MacLean. Her debut novel, The Season, is on the bottom shelf, in the middle of a real murderers’ row of talent. If you are looking for a YA regency romance, well, first of all, you’re probably on the wrong site, but second, get this one: It is the megalodon of that particular foodchain, the monster shark long thought extinct but returned to wreak bloody havoc. And romance.

Also, I sort of love that Gentlemen is acting completely sullen and antisocial on the top shelf.


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  1. Sarah MacLean / Apr 21 2009

    Wow. I’ve never been called a Megalodon before. Would you believe that? Thanks for the shout out, MN!

  2. Michael / Apr 21 2009

    Well, technically, I called The Season a megalodon. But you can also be one, maybe even a megalodon with a laser…

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