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Nov 4 / Michael

Bayer Warning


So parse the intellectual and moral inconsistency of this at your leisure: I buy aspirin pretty much exclusively for hangovers, but I always buy Bayer, because they’re supposed to be the best for your heart.

It seems like maybe I care deeply about my heart and not at all about my liver, but that’s not it. I just hate it when my head hurts, and I like the idea of something good (heart health! “The Wonder Drug”!) coming from my inevitable hangovers. And I like posting pictures of bears.


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  1. Kurtis / Nov 4 2009

    Mike: What’s good for a hangover?
    Vivian: Heavy drinking the night before.

    Dialogue from The Young Ones.

  2. Michael / Nov 4 2009

    Oh, man, that show was amazing! Remember “The People’s Poet”?

  3. Kurtis / Nov 4 2009

    Oh, Cliff
    Sometimes it must be difficult not to feel as if
    You really are a Cliff
    When fascists keep trying to push you over it
    Are they the lemmings?
    Or are you Cliff?
    Or are you, Cliff?

  4. Michael / Nov 4 2009

    Behold, the splendor:

  5. Meeks / Nov 5 2009

    False. Exederine is best for hangovers. Or so I have heard.

  6. Michael / Nov 5 2009

    Yes, but I take Bayer because it is supposed to be the best for your *heart*. I will forgive the oversight, as I understand that you have probably been drinking. (1:53 is happy hour somewhere!)

    Exedrine is really good for hangovers—but what of my heart? What of my small, Grinch-like heart?

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