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Mar 9 / Michael

A Junior Library Guild selection

As anyone within shouting distance knows, GENTLEMEN was chosen as a Junior Library Guild Selection for May. I just got the April/May issue of JLG Monthly in the mail. It has a nice review with a good pull quote at the beginning:

“GENTLEMEN is a suspenseful and thoughtful mystery that explores the darkest reaches of three students’ imaginations.”

I’m not sure how I feel about being called thoughtful, but I like the “darkest reaches” thing. Also, it came with a suh-weeeet bookmark (above). It says, you know, Junior Library Guild Selection and I can put it in my book (when the real copies arrive) and it will be the thing itself, like a bear with a hat on that says “Bear.” And just that cool. Whoo-whoo!

Anyway, I took a picture of it last night in dramatic (eerie? nonsensical?) blue lighting. I used a folded up white t-shirt for a backdrop, so it sort of looks like I, uh, pinned the thing to my chest. You’ll just have to take my word that I didn’t. (Or that, if I did, I did not take a picture of it.)


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  1. Melissa / Mar 15 2009

    Woohoo! A first of many awards to come!

  2. Michael / Mar 15 2009

    Thanks, Melissa. Here’s hoping!

  3. Maura / Apr 28 2009

    Nice work! I’ll have to do a cross post on this one 😉

  4. Michael / Apr 28 2009

    Thanks! Tragically, I lost my little JLG lapel button after trying to wear it on my winter coat—vanity does not pay!

  5. sun / May 1 2009


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