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Oct 26 / Michael

Some great and ghostly eye


Halloween is closing in on us like a zombie stumbling inexorably brainward in the dark. In honor of the occasion, I am sharing a ghostly tale from my childhood on Saundra Mitchell’s blog today. Saundra is the author of the eerily entertaining Shadowed Summer. You can find out all about it on her site, right after you read my story:Some great and ghostly eye. . .

“I was 11 years old and the cluttered attic of the old yellow house on East Main Street still scared me sometimes . . .”


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  1. Matthew N / Oct 26 2009

    Pretty good- even if I don’t remember it clearly. Not as good as the real ghost stories from the same house- which I think you were to young to hear/remember.

  2. Michael / Oct 26 2009

    Well, this is technically a “mostly true” story, though I see that was left off the guest blog (along with my poetimuhcal title), so there was some “combining of events for narrative purposes” going on. Sure shot the heck out of that mirror, though.

    I definitely remember one of those stories, from the middle room, but I figured that’s yours to tell (or not).

  3. AnneCoburnWhitmore / Oct 26 2009

    Terrific writing. Not one wasted word, sentence, thought.
    Just absolutely *beautifully* written.

    “Outside, a gray day was starting to think of dusk,…” – beautiful.
    “…; it wanted me to.” – perfection.
    + …

    Michael, you really are an incredible writer.

  4. Michael / Oct 26 2009

    Ah, thank you very much, Anne. An incredible writer, perhaps, but certainly a scandalous cartoonist! (No one else has noticed *that* particular apparition yet, but it is probably only a matter of time…)

  5. AnneCoburnWhitmore / Oct 26 2009

    Anything I could say or write here right now would only break the spell under which I am caught, and I have no wish for it to be broken just yet.

    “Seven years, I thought, but I felt better for a moment, back in the real world of solid things that broke.” –how could a sentence you wrote whenever, in the past (-certainly before I’d read it), have read my next thought?!

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