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Oct 13 / Michael

Let the Write One In (or something like that)

1) It is National Michael Writes a Novel Week (NaMiWriNoWe). Not that I plan to write the whole thing in that time, but I have a full week without any freelance work scheduled, and I plan to take full advantage of it. I went into Macfadden 14 out of 15 days over the last three weeks. On the plus side, I am one of a very few people who knows all of Dance Magazine’s “25 to Watch” for 2010 (and I’m not sayin’), but it put a serious hitch in my giddy-up with thebaseball book.I plan to get back on the horse this week with seven solid days of writing. Three down so far: 1,300 words on Sunday; 1,500 on Monday; and another 1,300 today. As you can see, I’m not horsing around!

2) “May I come in? . . . Close your eyes. But you have to say I can come in.” — Eli


Let the Right One In (in Swedish: Låt den rätte komma in) is “a 2008 Swedish romantic horror film.” That might sound like an odd combination, but it is both of those things and then some. It is one of the best horror movies I’ve seen in a long time and a fantastically original, surprisingly sweet romance. The main characters are a bullied Swedish 12-year-old named Oskar, pale almost to the point of albinism, and a dark-featured vampire named Eli, whose final answer to “How old are you?” is “Twelve, but I’ve been 12 for a very long time.” It is both one of the most twisted and one of the purest love stories I have ever seen. (Oh, and that ending! That smile! A pure, grisly, touching delight.)


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  1. AnneCoburnWhitmore / Oct 13 2009

    Ooooh, you are good, Mr. Northrop – man, you are really, really good… 🙂

    I love this film, and I loved the Kathleen Duey books.

  2. Meeks / Oct 13 2009

    Funny how NaMiWriNoWe could ALSO stand for “Micol.” Except it’s more like, Micol finishes her novel in 5 weeks/literally days before THE WEDDING.
    So, yeah.
    Funny how certain deadlines are genuinely, one hundred and thirty-four percent intractable.
    Am averaging about 1,000 words a day on writing days and feeling good about being in good company.

    And–LOVED “Let the Right One In.” But that is neither here nor there.

  3. Michael / Oct 13 2009

    Anne: Thank you, that’s what I keep telling people!
    Micol: Wow, I had no idea it was, let’s see, NaMiFiNoFiWeBeWe! I’m glad you let me know when you did. A thousand words is my daily goal, as well (but I do love those extra few hundred! It’s like a buyback at the bar). Best of luck!

    Let the Right One In was so damn good, and that bleached out Scandinavian winter was the perfect backdrop, here or there.

  4. kathleen duey / Oct 13 2009

    I ***loved*** Let The Right One In.

    I am in the middle of a deadline dash, too.
    May the words fly out!


  5. kathleen duey / Oct 13 2009

    Oh, wait, wait.
    See BenX when you have time…


  6. Michael / Oct 13 2009

    If the words fly out, then I will have time! And in non-circular news: I just added it to my Netflix queue.

    Thanks for the recommendation. Hope you give that deadline a whoopin’ it won’t soon forget!

  7. Mee-Lise / Oct 18 2009

    Let the Right on In is awesome! I shudder to think of the American remake, which, naturally, is in the works.

    Good luck writing, if I am not too late to wish you that! What week is this, again?

  8. Michael / Oct 18 2009

    Yeah, is there a line to stand in to NOT see the American remake? Because I would get on that line at 12:01 am of the first day.

    Thanks! You caught the tail end (tale end?) of the Big Week o’ Writing. I’m not freelancing tomorrow, and I just need another thousand words or so to finish Pt. I of the new book.

  9. Kurtis / Oct 31 2009

    Just watched the movie. I thought it was good but I was not astounded by it. Maybe because I expected to be, knowing all the praise it’s gotten. Or maybe because I am aesthetically stunted.

    I will say this, though. As far as movies about forlorn virgins falling in love with vampires go, it was way better than Twilight.

  10. Michael / Oct 31 2009

    Really? That’s too bad. It did kind of sneak up on me, so maybe those high expectations were part of it. Still not a bad way to spend a Halloween, though.

    And aesthetic stunts sound like fun! I am thinking of jumping an oil-painted motorcycle over five Rodin sculptures. Pretty sure that would be a record.

  11. Kurtis / Nov 2 2009

    On the other hand, I was puzzled enough by the movie to download the book on Kindle. There just seemed to be a lot more than made it into the movie. I barely started it, but so far it’s amazing.

  12. Michael / Nov 2 2009

    Yeah, those Swedes can do them some writing. I’ve got a Henning Mankell looking right at me. Unfortunately, it’s looking out from mid-pile. Ugh. Some day, Inspector Wallander; some day.

    Also, “Inspector”?!

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