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Dec 15 / Michael

jog log #6

Day of run: Monday, December 15, around 2:00

Weather at start: 66 degrees, partly sunny, windy—and this in mid-December; the sort of weather that is very nice but also vaguely apocalyptic…

Weather at finish: Cloudier and a bit cooler, with just a few sprinkles in the air; the earth cracking open, the Heavens torn asunder, and armies of the dead rising from their graves. Which is all true, except for the part after the semicolon.

Route: Dux to Dogz (50th street down to the duck pond in Battery Park and back up to the dog run in Hudson River Park)

Best dog seen: OK, so, the dog run is in the West Village. It’s not exactly rough country. You see a lot of ridiculous, pure-breed dogs there—basically absurd, decorative fur-baubles. I have fallen for it in the past, awarding “Best Dog” to a wire-haired terrier, a boxer, a Bernese mountain dog, and once, a three-legged English bulldog. Today, I’m giving the award to a brown and black mutt because, while the neurotic purebreds were stumbling around growling at shadows and attempting to breath through their oddly shaped faces, the friendly mutt ran over and greeted me as I stood by the fence.

Best song on mix: Read My Mind by The Killers. Love that song, but their bastard record company has disabled the embedding code for the video on YouTube, so I am going to show Sober by Tool instead. Just because it is awesome. Really, this video is art; disturbing art, but then, that’s my favorite kind…

Random pseudo-philosophical thought: So my new, improved pseudo-philosophical thought is to point out that my original pseudo-philosophical thought for this post was based on passing a porn shop that had Christmas decorations up in its window, and while I think I made some valid points, the fact remains: I am a frickin YA novelist now (note: use of “frickin”), and I should probably get my inspiration in other places. Comic shops, say, or episodes of The Simpsons.


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