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Aug 22 / Michael

Breaking news! About bears!

This guy smells what The Rock is cooking.

So, apparently, black bears have a sense of smell seven times stronger than bloodhounds. I just saw that on Animal Planet. Did you know that? I had no idea. They may have the best noses of any mammal—and I don’t think insects are so great at that, so what does that leave, birds and fish? And the bears could just eat the fish. So do black bears have the best sense of smell of any animal? Who nose? Are they cool? most def.


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  1. Kurtis / Aug 23 2009

    According to the reputable source, “Wiki Answers,” bears are the best smelling mammals. Having been close to one at the zoo, I am inclined to disagree, but maybe that was just an unusually slovenly bear.

  2. Michael / Aug 23 2009

    Nice. That reminds me of those old commercials: Starkist doesn’t want tunas with good taste; Starkist wants tunas that taste good.

    Bears probably have some pluses and minuses going on, smell-wise.
    Plus: berries, pine, cool mountain water.
    Minus: fish, musk, and a deep love of garbage.
    I wonder if there’s a market for that particular fragrance…

  3. sandra742 / Sep 9 2009

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  4. Michael / Sep 9 2009

    Thanks, Sandra! Stop by any time.

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